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Clan Ranks & Jobs

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Clan Ranks & Jobs

Post by Bilm on Thu Dec 08, 2011 5:19 am

We have a new improved clan ranking system on Runescape, this is how it works:

- Anyone new to the clan will be ranked as a corporal, wait were going mad? no. Newcomers need to feel as if they are apart of the clan with a ranking, however they are still new to the clan.

- Lieutenant rank (This means you are a full member to the clan) (Red Star)

- Captain rank (Silver Star)

- General (Gold Star)

Jobs within the clan are as follows:

1. Event leader(Event Team)
- Tony JwZ
- Epic T4nker
- Bloodcursed1
- Establish

2. Recruit Team
- Mr Dani3ls
- iWizi
- Bilm
- Establish

Please Note: If you are interested in becoming involved with a job in the clan please private message or contact Bilm or Establish.

Job description of Recruit Team:

+ Post on the official runescape forums once a week to advertise clan. Make sure your reply and check it often.

+ Place clan vexilum in the Grand Exchange whenever you are online, this will largely increase our clan awareness and reputation. (As you are aware of our competitors "We are epic".

+ Attempt to invite and ask others to join but do not hassle or harass the player.

Job Description of Events Team:

+ Arrange at least one event per week between your team or individually therefore it allows an active clan and ranking opportunities.

+ Post the clan event on the forum and notify users of the forum link which is: blazingskills.forumotion.( Type it like that in clan chat because it will not filter through the chat which does not allow you to say thank you!

+ Tell clan users in the game, if they have not checked the forum, post the event within at least 2-3 days notice, for obvious reasons.


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