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Conquer Online

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Conquer Online

Post by Bloodcursed on Sat Nov 19, 2011 5:50 am

Bored? Want something else to play while you're waiting for those Grand Exchange items to sell? Try Conquer Online. Conquer is an Action RPG that has an awesome 130 character levels and a complex market system as well as a multitude of quests and weapons/armours for any characters classes that you choose. There are 6 awesome classes which are separted with individual attributes and abilities.

Trojan: High health, Dual wield, Low defence.
Warrior: High defence, Proficient with shield, Low damage.
Taoist: Casts Spells, Can become a Water (Healing) or Fire (Damage) Taoist at level 40.
Archer: Ranged attacking, Can use Fly ability, Multiple attacking, Low damage.
Ninja: Uses poison to weaken foes, Dual wield, low defence and health.
Monk: God knows, Never used one.

Once characters are 110+ they can choose to do a quest to start again as a new character class, This is known as Rebirth. Every character can only Rebirth twice and can gain multiple benefit from this such as abilities passed on the next class from previous level'd class, heightened stats bonuses and equipping other class weaponry. So if you want to join Conquer Online just click on the following link.



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