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Guide to Chain Farming

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Guide to Chain Farming

Post by Bloodcursed on Wed Nov 09, 2011 12:28 pm

Chain farming is a way to receive continuous farming experience while collecting your crops. It is also a great way to make money. This method involves cycling through each of the five farming allotments throughout Runescape. Trollheim is only an herb patch but it will never die. So choose your herb seeds wisely for this patch.

If you do not have either Ardougne cape 2/3/elite you will need to bring along 10-20 water runes as well for the regular spells.

Note: If you have completed Fairy Tale part III, be sure to have the option to have your patches weeded ON, not OFF.

Quest Requirements

Ghosts Ahoy - For Ectophial
My Arm's Big Adventure - for Trollheim herb patch

Items recommended:

Recommended gear:

Necklace - Amulet of glory/Amulet of nature/Amulet of farming
Body - Agile top
Legs - Agile legs
Boots - Boots of lightness/Rock climbing boots (Only if you are doing Trollheim patch)
Weapon - Magic secateurs
Shield - Falador shield (2)/Falador shield (3)
Cape - Ardougne cloak 3/Ardougne cloak elite
Ring - Explorer's ring (3)/Ring of duelling/Ring of kinship
Familiar - Dreadfowl/Compost mound/Stranger plant

Recommended inventory:

Allotment/Herb/Flower seeds
Teleport runes to Camelot/Ardougne
Money to pay for Plant Cure (5k should do)
Gardener payments (Optional)

How to chain farm efficiently:
Banking between each run is based on your preference and harvest outcome. Bank wisely so you don't waste too much time.

1. Teleport to Camelot and run East to the Catherby farming patches. Alternatively you can use the Catherby teleport to get closer. Weed your patches (you won't need to if you have the automatic weeding from farmers turned on) and plant your seeds. Be sure to water them before you go off to the next patch. Pay the local gardener to watch over your patches if you wish.

2. Run from Catherby, teleport to Ardougne, or use your Ardougne cape to reach the next patch. You can either go to the Monastery to pick/plant your bush plant (only advised if you have the cape to teleport there) or head straight to the patch north of Ardougne. Weed your patches, plant your seeds, water them, etc, then head off to the next patch.

3. Use your ectophial to teleport near Port Phasmatys and run west of the altar. You can recharge your summoning points nearby if you need to.

4. Use your Amulet of glory (4) or Explorer's ring (3) and walk to the Falador patch. Here is where your Falador shield 2/3 comes in handy for the harvesting. It is advised to bank in Draynor Village before going to Trollheim.

5.Once you are ready to go, you can go to Trollheim's herb patch. For this patch you must have completed My Arm's Big Adventure quest. Use the Trollheim teleport to get to the top of the mountain and head to the top of Troll Stronghold. Alternatively use Spellbook Swap (96 Magic) and use the Trollheim teleport and use the same route.

You can either log out after you plant your last crop or you can go through all the spots again to make sure nothing is diseased or anything.

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Re: Guide to Chain Farming

Post by Bilm on Thu Nov 10, 2011 3:17 am

nice guide Smile


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